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  • July 20th, 2024 : Reborn Festival, Markersbach
The Brute : merges progressive electro, pop, rock and cinematic industrial sounds with catchy melodies and captivating vocals to a fascinating sound amalgam. Its hypnotic effect inevitably casts a spell over you.

Daniel Gierke, mastermind of the project, has been writing songs for many years. At the beginning of 2018, the idea arose to steer his musical ambitions into a new direction. The Brute : was born and in Mai 2018 the video „And I Want You...“ was released on YouTube. The positive response of the audience encouraged The Brute : to continue working on new material.


The songs contain echoes of classic electronic bands but given a more modern touch and come along with a mix of driving bass lines, atmospheric vocals and lyrics that gain new meanings with each listen.

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